Hey guys, it’s Lauren

We’ve all got stories––where we’re from and where we’re going. Mine starts in a small town filled with all things wonderful. My friends would tell you that I’ve always loved art, fashion and obscenely big hair, and I would have to tell you that they are right. I adore creativity that’s fleshed out through an abstract paintings, fashion, or planning parties, but most of all, I love the true, honest moments captured in a photograph. Me and photography? We go way back.


Every photographer has a style, so let me introduce you to mine. I want to create a fun-filled day and stuff it with lots of laughter and memories for my clients to reminisce over in their pictures. Those raw, blissful moments of the day have so much potential, and I’m determined to capture the moments that will make you gasp, smile then wonder how a day could ever be so perfect.

I went through a stage when anytime I’d get together with my girls, we would always love to put on  makeup, cute clothes (complete with Doc Martins ;) ) and curled hair for a 'photo shoot'. We planned out the poses and backgrounds and had way too much fun working it for the camera. It was then that my passion for creativity and photography collided, and it seemed that all the pieces in my life––my knack for fashion, my aversion to dental school and my own love story fit beautifully together to boost my photography hobby to a full-fledged career.

Our love story: 

Like any good story worth telling, mine begins with a boy. But not just any boy, the boy. 


Our journey so far has been nothing short of exhilarating. He’s become my partner-in-crime and my best friend. I love how he listens to me when I’m upset and supports me when I want to dream big. I love how he knows how to lead me and I love how he does so with honor and humility. He’s creative in ways I don’t know how to be and keeps me grounded when I get too big for my britches. He loves Jesus more than he loves me, and that’s what makes me love him the most. 

 I burst into my college Sunday school class late, as usual, and rushed to sit down in the first available seat. I sat down my purse, picked up my Bible and looked up to see that the person I sat next to happened to be the most handsome man I’ve ever seen in my life.  As any good girl would, I played hard to get. Turns out this guitarist from California was up for the pursuit because after a couple of months, we began dating. I learned more about his band roots and he came to know about my aspirations and affinity for shoes. The most exciting day of my life was when he rowed me across a lake and walked me up to a gazebo he built himself, then

proposed with the most beautiful words and ring a man could offer. We stood 

at the altar in October 2009 to vow commitment and love forever, then sealed

it with our very first kiss.

My foundation:

Even though photography is what makes me excited to get up in the morning, I’d be remiss if I didn’t share what makes my life truly purposeful. And again, this story begins with a man: Jesus.


So there’s this amazing  summer camp near my hometown called Kanakuk, and I went there every summer. It had this stellar pool and crazy-scary high ropes course, and campers got to sleep in these huge teepees. But the best part was that showed me a side of Christianity that I hadn’t yet learned. It taught me the importance of servanthood and unconditional love, love that puts God first, others second and myself third. I’m certainly not perfect, it’s my mission to live and lead with that love.


I feel incredibly blessed to grow up with Christian parents and in a church that helped me understand the depth of Jesus’ love for me. It’s a love that deserves nothing short of complete devotion, so when I was 10 years old, I committed to spend the rest of my life glorifying and serving Him. I feel blessed to have friends and mentors who discipled me and helped me understand faith on a deeper level.